The Truth Behind Celebrities’ Beaming Smiles

Celebrities and other famous people are known for their good looks and dazzling, camera-worthy smiles, but the truth is many of them have had, or continue to have, extensive dental work and procedures to keep their smiles pearly white. Here are some celebrities whose teeth have undergone extensive work to look picture perfect.

Celebrities with Dental Work1

  • Tom Cruise – The “Top Gun” A-lister has always been known for his stunning smile, however, it didn’t look that way when he first broke onto the scene. His teeth were heavily discolored, misaligned and needed work. The star had his teeth whitened, straightened and received veneers to obtain the smile we know today.
  • Zac Efron – The teenage heartthrob turned bonafide stud once had a smile that needed work. Efron had cosmetic dentistry to fix his uneven teeth and routinely gets them whitened to keep them camera-ready.
  • Miley Cyrus – Efron’s fellow Disney alum, Miley Cyrus made a name for herself on “Hannah Montana,” sporting a quirky smile that added to her teenage charm. Once Cyrus officially separated from Disney to embark on her professional music career she had her teeth whitened and straightened, and they have become part of her signature “tongue-wagging” look.
  • Gary Busey – Gary Busey is known for his bombastic personality, but he also used to have the teeth to match. Busey was involved in a motorcycle incident in 1988, and suffered facial damage. He underwent cosmetic surgery to fix his injuries, opting for oversized veneers to match his larger-than-life personality.
  • Celine Dion – The stunning singer with the voice of an angel had imperfect teeth at one time. Dion underwent cosmetic dentistry procedures in the 1990s as her career began to skyrocket and now sports smaller, whiter teeth.
  • Morgan Freeman – A man known for his mystical, hypnotizing voice noticed his teeth yellowing as he aged. Freeman had his teeth whitened and his center gap reduced to pair a brilliant smile with an even greater voice.
  • Mike Tyson – Boxers are rarely known for pretty teeth given their occupation, and Mike Tyson is no exception. Tyson used to wear gold caps over his teeth but removed them for a set of veneers. His signature front teeth gap was also closed, although he hasn’t lost it entirely.

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